Black Order 333: Rust and Blood

Issued 331 A.G.

By decree of the Levirian Capital Parliament of the Ooden Dominion, the following order is to take effect in the year 331 of the Age of Gold under direct order of newly appointed High Chancellor Lerash Albiriet. This order has been confirmed by Ironhand Ozir Geirsson to be in accordance with the Iron Trust Agreement (marking that it is in the best interest of the greater peoples of the Ooden Dominion.)

This order approved the payment of 2500 gold to Ricos Merriman for information and cooperation in the appropriation of assets belonging to the Rust Ring.

Noir Steele and the one known only Osseus are both to be sent into the Dominion on falsified orders and taken by force for use in orders 321 and 331.

Steele’s armor is their only use and is not needed alive. Kill them or take the armor there is no need for them to be taken themselves.

The one named Osseus should be taken alive if possible, should this prove too difficult to accomplish then a single piece would suffice. They are only needed by Yaket and order 321 is nearing cancellation anyways. Do not waste Dominion resources on a circus act. 


High Chancellor Lerash Albiriet

Ooden Dominion Levirian Branch

Parliamentary Order