Black Order 331: Courser Project

Issued 328 A.G.

By decree of the Levirian Capital Parliament of the Ooden Dominion, the following order is to take effect in the year 328of the Age of Gold under direct order of newly appointed High Chancellor Lerash Albiriet. This order has been confirmed by Ironhand Ozir Geirsson to be in accordance with the Iron Trust Agreement (marking that it is in the best interest of the greater peoples of the Ooden Dominion.)

This order approves the requisition of subjects (approx.20) and materials to test the viability of arcane weapons using Master Engineer Mirdav’s batteries. It is the Master Engineer’s belief that raw arcane power can be stored and used to power numerous types of both arms siege weapons. These new weapons will be invaluable for the long term goals of the parliament and the dominion itself.

It is Tierstern’s belief that not only can these batteries be used to power weapons, but with the study of existing ancient technology it may even be possible to graft these mechanisms to mortal flesh and create magically infused soldiers capable of feats deemed impossible through arcane study.

Master Engineer Mirdav is granted unlimited access to any materials deemed essential to this project’s success, even those currently allocated to other projects. This order takes top priority.


High Chancellor Lerash Albiriet

Ooden Dominion Levirian Branch

Parliamentary Order